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Deer control businesses which are accredited by meet the highest industry standards for professionalism, practice, and environmental impact. is a recognized and accepted credentialing authority of the professional deer control industry.

Accreditation standards are developed and updated with the help of experts in the field of deer control and environmental stewardship.® sets standards of excellence for deer control businesses and their employees through training and certifications which helps ensure consumer protections, confidence in credibility, and science-based/effective treatments. Consumers can be assured that accredited businesses take their responsibilities seriously.

How Accreditation Works

In order to achieve accreditation, a business must certify all of the following comprehensive standards over and above national/state regulations:

The business must have been operational

Before hiring, all employees must first be interviewed, pass an examination, have references checked, pass background checks, and have clean motor vehicles records.

Have employees certified through governing body

Have standardized uniforms policy

Have insurance policies meet minimum requirements

Vehicles meet® standards

Have customer communications policies

Have job safety policies

Meet standards for non-deceptive advertising

Meet requirements for customer service agreements

Provide customers with Integrated Pest Management information

Practice safe handling of repellents

Use products and procedures that are nontoxic and safe for the environment, humans, animals, and plants

Be periodically audited by

Auditing Process audits of deer control businesses ensure that accredited companies maintain compliance with the current accreditation standards. Businesses must send a signed affidavit along with evidence of compliance. may audit accredited businesses at any point, done by an IPM specialist, to assure compliance with accreditation standards.

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